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BMW logo

Kinetic Scuplure at the BMW Museum

Kinetic sculpture at the BMW Museum

BMW Motorcycle Engine Assembly

BMW Engine Assembly at the Berlin Plant

The New K1600 GTL Unveiled at Jay Leno's Garage

Jay Leno and Peter de Wahl unveil the new K1600GTL at Jay Leno's Garage

The Most Controversial Story of the Year

Finally, at long last, a serious interview with Will Barclay, the winner of the Hoka Hey Race

New use for BMW R1200

Here is an interesting new use for a BMW motorcycle...

Manufacturing Triumph Motorcycles

Here is an extremely interesting look at how Triumph Motorcycles are manufactured. Lots of British humor.

Electric Motorcycles ?

Are we ready for electric motorcycles? Are they ready for us? This article answers some of those questions.

MCN test of S1000RR

Here is a nice video of an MCN multiday test of the big 5 sport bikes.

Adaptive Headlights on BMW K1600GT

Bill Buys His BMW R1200GS

S1000RR Doesn't Clear the Table

Oil Filter Tests

The Nissan owners club, NICO, helped sponsor a test of original equipment air filters, vs stock air filters, including oil washed filters, such as the K&Needless to say, the aftermarket filters came in a poor last place to the original equipment filters. The testing was done on a $285,000 test machine, and was conducted by the machine's manufacturer, at the factory's test facility. But, don't take my word for it, READ it for yourself.

More BMW Video clips

The "How Stuff Works" tv series has a collection of video clips, including one of the BMW factory.

K1300GT Video clip

The first video of the 2009 BMW K1300GT in action...

F650GS Fork Failures

Wayne Carruthers has emailed about an issue with early F650GS fork failures. See the Maintenance Alert page for more information.

Jay Leno's Garage

Here's a video segment on helmets from Jay Leno's Garage.


Here is the controversial video ad intended for the BMW web site, but later pulled.

Interesting article in "Wired" on the K1200R.

BMW returns to Indianapolis

At long last, BMW has officially returned to Indy. R. Falcone Powersports is now open as a BMW dealer. Hope each of you will stop by and welcome them in the near future.

Do you drive fast? Here's an interesting police eliminator from Aerostich.

Hoosier Beemers currently serves many BMW riders, former BMW riders, and BMW motorcycle enthusiasts in southeastern Indiana. The club was originally formed as "Jennings County Joy Riders", and served riders of all brands. And of course, riders of all brands are still welcome today.

Earl and Carolyn Bryant were among the founders in 1973, along with Tom Bates, Gordon Pettigrew, Richard Miller, and Don Chaille, and several others whose names are lost in unrecorded history. Various members took turns hosting the group at their homes from month to month.

Harry Hawkins joined the group in 1981, and went to his first MOA National Rally at Lorretta Lynn's ranch in Tennessee in July of 1981. Harry was extremely impressed to see 6000 BMW motorcycles in the same place at the same time, and all having a good time. He was also impressed with the many local merchants who opened their doors to the riders, and found that none of them were out to rip off the merchants, or cause trouble in any other way. Harry joined the MOA and soon became an Ambassador.

In 1985, the club was about to die out, when Earl and Carolyn Bryant met Frank Dietrich, who led them to reform the club as a BMW special interest club. Frank Dietrich, MOA #3, was one of the original group of riders who met in Chicago to form a national riders organization, which after a somewhat rocky start, became the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America.

The club originally met at Muscatatuck State Park, which is now Muscatatuck County Park. Park management has improved greatly under county management. Several early meetings were quite heated as the struggle to find a suitable name drug on and on.

Earl and Carolyn Bryant were the first President and first lady, followed by Jerry and Sally Chandler, then by Andy Fountain, and currently by Richard Tate. Along the way, meetings were moved to BroadAcres Restaurant, where they have remained, even thru four different sets of owners of the restaurant.

Guests are always welcome at our meetings.